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Countdown to the Solar Eclipse 2017

Good Saturday Morning!

It is August 12th 2017 and we are on countdown to the solar eclipse! It’s going to happen in approximately 9 days, or on August 21st.

Have you picked out your favorite spot here in Red Feather Lakes to view the solar eclipse? The word on the street (or according to Channel 7 News) is that Fort Collins will be able to see the eclipse when it is about 95.4 percent complete. That’s not too shabby!

And if you want to get even closer to the total eclipse it is recommended to drive up to Wyoming to view it. Casper, WY is about a 3.5 hour drive from Red Feather Lakes, CO. The drive might be worth it considering that a total solar eclipse won’t happen again in North America again until April 8, 2024 (and the path that it takes doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near Colorado).


Wherever you choose to view this once in a lifetime occurrence, whether you choose to stay here in Red Feather Lakes or make the small trek up to Wyoming from here, just make sure to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and whoever you’re close with! It looks like it happens right around lunch time for most people so it’s a perfect time to get outside and enjoy your lunch if you can’t get out of work. No excuses! Enjoy the day!

Don’t forget your protective eye wear if you do happen to look up to the sky on August 21st.


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